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Portal for families, whose representatives are living in various countries for a long time and currently speak different languages depending on the country in which they live.

Families participating in the Transgentaro project:

Kaleta (Kaletta, Caletta, Kaletka) ‒ Ród • Famiglia • Sippe • Gento • Family Brazil • Czechia • Germany • Italy • Poland • Slovakia • USA
Knobloch • Knoblich • Knoblick z Kusterdingen
Progenitor of the line: Martin Knobloch * 11.10.1631, † 4.12.1710 Kusterdingen (Wuerttemberg)
 ∞ 11.11.1653 Kusterdingen → Anna Maria Weitbrett
Australia • Canada • Poland • USA
Palacký • Pallaske • Palatzky • Balaske Belgium • Czechia • Germany • Poland
Pawlaczek Czechia • Germany • Italy • Poland
Rother • Rothert • Roter • Rotter Brazil • Germany • Poland
Smolny • Smolný Argentina • Brazil • Czechia • Germany • Poland
Tracz • Трач • Trač • Trach • Tratch • Tratsch • Tractz • Tratck Brazil • Canada • Poland • Ukraine
Wojtakowski • Woytakowski • Woitakowski
Progenitor: Roch Wojtakowski son of Luke * 15.08.1793 Jerka (cunty of. Kościan, Greater Poland), ∞ 16.11.1818 Lubiń → Apolonia Krzaszniczek alias Kania
France • Germany • Poland • USA
Worsztynowicz • Bursztynowicz • Burstynowitz • Orsztynowicz • Ostynowicz • Osztynowicz
Progenitor: Tomasz Worsztyn alias Worsztynowicz ‒ miller from Borek Wlkp.(county of Gostyń, Greater Poland), ∞ ~ 1745 → Barbara
Australia • Canada • Czechia • Denmark • France • Germany • Poland
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